Experience from Today for the Stroke Care of the Future

Author:Julia Ferrari, Ales Tomek, Matej Polák, Paola Santalucia
Volume Info:Volume 4 Issue 1
Article Information

Volume 4 Issue 1, pages 84-91
Received – 19 July 2018, Accepted –30 July 2018


St.John´s of God Hospital, Vienna


Neurology Dpt., 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University and University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech Republic.


President, Association of EMS Providers (Slovak Republic); General Manager, ZaMED Emergency Medical Service


Emergency Neurology-Stroke Unit, Neurovascular Rehabilitation, IRCCS Neurolesi Center, Bonino-Pulejo, Piemonte Hospital, Messina, Italy


Corresponding Author: Ales Tomek – ales.tomek@lfmotol.cuni


Time is of the essence to prevent brain damage in the context of acute ischaemic stroke, yet most patients do not receive specialist care or early reperfusion therapy in the setting of acute ischaemic stroke. In order to increase the number of patients treated in stroke-ready hospitals and optimise the quality of treatment in all existing stroke centres, the ANGELS (Acute Networks Striving for Excellence in Stroke) Initiative was established in 2015. This article summarizes the experiences of different countries in stroke unit planning and quality monitoring presented at a symposium at the 4th European Stroke Organization Conference (ESOC) in May 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Acknowledgements: The editorial assistance of Thistle Editorial, LLC in the preparation of this article is acknowledged with thanks.


ischaemic stroke, ANGELS, stroke centres



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