Oruen – What we are, what we do

Oruen is the leading CNS medical publication and multimedia platform committed to improving international communication and medical education for physicians with clinical interests in CNS medicine.

Our motivation is to capture the latest clinical and
interventional developments in CNS medicine


And present them in readily accessible formats, with the ultimate aim of optimising patient care and treatment outcomes. Using the latest technologies, Oruen works closely with opinion-leading medical experts to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based, open-access outputs with clear interpretive commentary, to inform, update, and educate the global CNS medical community. The news you need. For thousands of CNS specialists, Oruen is a must view, and a must read.

Oruen – Our CV at a glance:


Focussed, open-access reviews and articles based on landmark or late-breaking pivotal clinical studies, new treatments, and new interventions;

– Highly topical and engaging video presentations, podcasts, and webinars featuring leading international opinion leaders presenting the very latest clinically relevant developments in their respective fields;

– Broad spectrum coverage of all areas of CNS medicine including: acute ischaemic stroke, neurological investigation, psychiatry, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia and neurogenerative diseases;

– Outputs designed to meet the needs of busy, time-pressed physicians;

– A rapid journal publication process that keeps up with breaking developments as
they come to light;

– An archive comprising of many reviews, articles and videos;

– Contact database of over 40,000 physicians with interests and involvement in CNS medicine;

– All Oruen CNS outputs are available online, via journal publication, and via social media.

Oruen – Our journal:


Oruen – The CNS Journal

Our journal is owned and published bi-annually by Oruen Limited; it is a peer-reviewed, open access publication,  with a 100% focus on original CNS research topics, and the latest advances, diagnoses, and treatment of CNS disorders. Oruen – The CNS Journal is distributed in print and electronically to thousands of physicians, researchers, academics, nurses, and related healthcare professionals with an interest in CNS disorders. Both subscription and access are free and there are no contributory author fees for publication. Papers submitted for publication are accepted based on their originality, likely impact on and relevance to clinical practice, data quality, and overall potential interest to the journal’s readership.

Editorial policy

Oruen Limited., in conjunction with our editorial board, makes all reasonable efforts to publish accurate, objective, unbiased, and well-balanced reviews, articles, and reports.


All contributory authors to manuscripts submitted to Oruen – The CNS Journal for publication are required to disclose any relevant personal, commercial, academic, or financial interests, and any sources of financial support or funding associated with the paper. Any medical writing or editorial assistance associated with finalising a manuscript for submission must also be disclosed.

Oruen gratefully acknowledges the support it has received from its various sponsors. The commercial sponsors of Oruen have zero involvement in the development, design or dissemination of any content on Oruen


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