Clinical Outcomes and Work Flow Optimisation with Pipeline System and Shield Technology

Volume 4 Issue 2
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Endovascular treatment is the treatment of choice for many intracerebral aneurysms (ICAs). However, coiling is probably less effective for giant or wide-necked aneurysms, and retreatment is not uncommon. Flow diversion (FD) is a novel endovascular approach to ICA treatment. A FD-stent is inserted in the parent vessel to disrupt flow into the aneurysmalsac and provide a scaffold for endothelisation. This symposium provided insight into use of the Pipeline Embolization Device (PED). Discussion topics included: results of a new surface modulation to lower the risk of thromboembolic events,pre-procedure use of a simulation model to select the optimal PED size, and clinical experience with PED in the treatment of small aneurysms.

Key words: cerebral aneurysm, coiling, flow diversion, Pipeline Embolization Device

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