An Introduction to the Globus Pallidus in Schizophrenia

Volume 3 Issue 2
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The Globus Pallidus is a bilateral grey matter nucleus found at the medial part of the basal ganglia. Whilst a single physical structure it is split into two distinct functional nuclei, which are in adjacent and complementary regulatory circuits involving the striato-thalamic and striato-tegmental systems. The connections of the Globus Pallidus make it a critical structure in controlling both motor systems and midbrain dopamine systems, potentially having a key role in controlling dopamineregulated psychosis in schizophrenia and other disorders. Imaging studies have shown contradictory findings in Globus Pallidus size and shape, and it is unclear to what extent this is due to disease burden or antipsychotic medication. Whilst the Globus Pallidus is a little-studied structure in schizophrenia research but has important roles in striatal, thalamic and dopaminergic regulation, and could potentially be a key part in further development of drug therapies.

Key words: Basal Ganglia, Globus Pallidus, Schizophrenia