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The 4 Schizophrenia Symptoms You Need to Know

October 17, 2020

Schizophrenia is one of the most highly stigmatized mental health conditions, but the public perception of schizophrenia couldn’t be further from the truth. Nearly 50% of those with schizophrenia receive zero treatment, and because of its behavioral symptoms, many people mistakenly assume sufferers of schizophrenia are inherently dangerous.

According to a recent study, this stigma actually aggravates the impacts of its symptoms and lowers a patient’s level of day-to-day functioning even further (NCBI). According to that same study, better knowledge about schizophrenia is highly associated with lower levels of stigma.

In our MedCircle video series, leading child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli breaks down crucial and foundational information about schizophrenia – from the causes, triggers, and symptoms, all the way to the diagnostic process, treatment options, and long-term outcomes.

In this video, he discusses the 4 schizophrenia symptoms you need to know. Schizophrenia symptoms are often severe and debilitating, but with the right education and treatment, a significant portion of those living with schizophrenia can lead a functional, productive life. Being correctly informed makes all the difference.

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