Phyto-Anxiolytic Effects Of A Fixed Herbal Drug Combination For The Relief Of Stress And Its Potential To Reduce Benzodiazepine Use

Author:Simon Nicolussi, Catherine Zahner
Volume Info:Volume 2 Issue 2
Article Information

Volume 2 Issue 2 , pages 48-50
Published January 2017


Max Zeller Söhne AG, Seeblickstr.4


CH-8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland


Corresponding Author:


Stress affects already young healthy people and many elderly or patients with psychiatric disorders receive benzodiazepines. A recent study has shown that the phyto-anxiolytic herbal extract combination Ze 185 (Relaxane

®) significantly reduced the subjective stress reaction in healthy men in an acute stress setting. Further, in a retrospective data analysis from stationary patients in a psychiatric hospital in Switzerland it was concluded that the use of benzodiazepines could be reduced under the treatment with Ze 185. As an example in evidence-based phytotherapy Ze 185 is discussed in the context of stress and anxiety-related disorders.

Key words: stress, anxiety, Relaxane®, Ze 185, evidence-based phytotherapy




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