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ADHD in Adulthood: The Signs You Need to Know

March 11, 2020

ADHD in adulthood is often misdiagnosed. Here are the signs you need to know – straight from a leading psychologist.

In this interview, Dr. Judy answers…
– How common is ADHD in adulthood?
– What is the difference between adult ADHD and ADD?
– What are some common misconceptions when it comes to adults who either believe they have ADHD or have received the diagnosis of ADHD?
– What percent of children recover from ADHD and what percent of people have it in adulthood?
– A lot of adults think they have ADHD. When does it go from being “a lack of attention” to full-blown adult ADHD?

Dr. Judy and Kyle’s discussion provides eye-opening insight to the adult ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adulthood can hold you or someone you love back in all areas of life.

From causing relationship issues to interfering with work productivity, and even to co-occurring with other mental health issues like substance abuse, anxiety, and depression, adult ADHD is pervasive—especially when it goes undiagnosed.

Millions of adults are living with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Without education or treatment, ADHD can lead to chronic fatigue, anxiety, disorganization, and issues at work and at home. This series provides the education and solutions needed to better manage adult ADHD and ultimately live a more productive, happier life.

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