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World-Renowned Doctor Heads Neurosurgery Clinic At GEMC

November 3, 2015

World-renowned doctor heads neurosurgery clinic at GEMC

European Medical Center (GEMC, emcmos.ru/en) is the first institution among private clinical groups to open the clinic of neurology and neurosurgery as part of its multifunctional hospital on Shepkin Street in Moscow. Under the supervision of a world-renowned neurosurgeon Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Alexey Krivoshapkin, M.D., Ph.D., the hospital carries out complex neurosurgical interventions. Its international team of top surgeons includes Jean-Michel Derlon (GEMC, France), Vladimir Shabalov (GEMC, Russia), Dmitry Dzukaev (GEMC, Russia) and Evaldas Česnulis (Hirslanden, Switzerland).

The grant-supported project “Hardware system to determine the completeness of tumour resection in neurosurgery” helps to improve the results of surgical treatment of malignant brain tumors. Dr. Krivoshapkin’s research projects and inventions, which help to perform highly technological operations on the structures of the brain and its vessels, are currently supported by the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, GEMC and a number of other major research institutions.

To view the Multimedia News Release, go to multivu.com/players/English/7460051-neurosurgery-clinic-eu-medical-center/



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