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How Do You Become a Neurosurgeon?

November 22, 2021

Becoming a neurosurgeon takes technical skill, careful hand eye coordination, and a ton of hard work. Is there anything you can do to practice in advance?

Students of all ages often ask me what they can do to prepare for a career in neurosurgery, so listen in as I detail what high school, college, and medical students can do to best prepare to become a neurosurgeon. In this video we’ll cover:

1) Can video games actually help your hand eye coordination?
2) How to explore neurosurgery as a high school student
3) Improving your chances of getting into the best medical school as a college student
4) How to maximize your chances in the residency match as a medical student
5) Goals for each stage of your pre-medical and medical training

This video was shared by Martin Rutkowski, MD



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