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eEANS2021 Virtual Congress: 3rd October – 7th October 2021

October 1, 2021
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A few days left for the eEANS2021!

World-Shaking Masterclasses, On-Demand Viewing and Low Rates! 

The eEANS2021 Virtual Congress is fast approaching! We invite you to join the eEANS2021 Virtual Congress and enjoy exclusive access to this year’s rich programme! The Congress features 250 lectures, 225 oral presentations, 390 oral flash presentations, 450 e-posters, 3 joint symposia! The EANS is celebrating 50 years of history, collaboration and solidarity amongst the neurosurgeons in Europe and all over the world. We have accomplished a lot, faced many challenges, and today we are stronger than ever.

We are presenting to you some of the most important parts of the congress. Buckle up and get involved with the EANS!

1.    The EANS Masterclasses are available to all participants FOR THE FIRST TIME!

For the first time in the history of the EANS congresses, the Masterclasses are available to all congress participants. 17 Masterclasses, that cover an extremely wide range of necessary know-how for a neurosurgeon, are offered to all eEANS 2021 virtual participants! Here is the full list below:

Monday, October 4
–    Treatment of Spinal Metastatic Disease
–    Tips & Tricks Session
–    Ethics of Budget versus Benefit
–    Neuro-Oncology on Brain Mapping
–    Treatment of AVMs today
–    IONMTuesday, October 5
–    Spine & Pediatric
–    Neuro-Oncology and Pediatric
–    Skull Base
–    Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Wednesday, October 6
–    Trauma
–    Skull Base & Radiosurgery
–    CSF & Pediatric
–    Epilepsy; Minimal Invasive Therapy

Thursday, October 7
–    Research
–    Trauma & Pediatric
–    DBS in Translation


2.    The lowest registration fees of ALL TIME!!

eEANS 2021 offers the lowest registration fees in the history of the EANS Congresses, making this your best chance to get involved with the top of the top in European Neurosurgery. For more information click here.

See below:


3.    On-demand viewing will be available DAILY after the end of each session!

We promise to make the best out of the virtual element of the congress! There will be many parallel sessions, and if you have trouble choosing… just watch the recordings afterwards! 4 hours after the end of each session the recordings will be available to all participants for on-demand viewing! If you are busy and you miss a day, no problem at all! You can login even after the end of the congress and watch all the sessions you want!

Don’t get left behind. Keep up with us and we’ll make sure to walk you through all aspects of… Neurosurgery in Translation!


Check out the programme and register today!



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