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The impact of COVID-19 on Hemorrhagic Procedures

March 31, 2021
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Ann Maria Haroun – Medtronic


Prof. Paolo Machi MD-PhD Head of Interventional Neuroradiology Unit at University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland

Prof. Istvan Szikora MD-PhD National Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, University of Budapest, Hungary

Discussion Points

  • What is your personal definition of an Emergency Case? Ex: Aneurysm with a concerto Headache-is that patient considered Emergency
  • How long can we safely postpone Elective Cases?
  • Are patients with ruptured Hemorrhagic pathologies making it to the hospital in time during COVID? Are they able to receive the appropriate treatment? Are they making it to their follow up?
  • Difference in the treatment of Hemorrhagic procedures between Wave 1 & Wave 2 of COVID
  • Financial impact of COVID to HCP’s, Hospital’s & Institutions




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