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Patients’ testimonials, Stroke Management in Tunisia

October 31, 2023
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We’re honoured to share our latest video: Patients’ testimonials, Stroke Management in Tunisia and to introduce you to the incredible Pr Nadia Hammami, Dina Bin Mohamed and two courageous stroke survivors whose stories have touched our hearts.

Stroke is a global issue that affects countless lives. Through this video, we shed light on the remarkable work being done at the institute, led by Prof Nadia Hammami. Her dedication is changing lives and giving hope to stroke survivors.

Meet two extraordinary individuals whose strength and resilience have inspired us all. Their journeys towards recovery are a testament to the human spirit.

Let’s raise awareness, spread knowledge about stroke prevention and recovery, and support institutions like the National Institute of Neurology that are making a real difference.

Join us in our mission to make the world stroke-free, one video at a time. Watch, share, and be part of the change. Together, we can raise awareness and save lives. 💙

Oruen would like to give special thanks to the MicroVention-Terumo team and to all the staff at National Institute of Neurology, Tunis, Tunisia. 🇹🇳

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