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Charco Neurotech – CUE1: Prof. James Kilner

June 15, 2022
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In this exclusive interview, Charco Neurotech spoke to Professor James Kilner of the Human Motor Neuroscience department at Queen’s Square, University College of London, about the theoretical framework of Active Inference. Professor Kilner explains how this model can be applied to the symptoms of Parkinson’s and describes the latest scientific research investigating and explaining the mechanism of action of sensorimotor neuromodulation therapies like focussed vibrotactile stimulation.

Charco Neurotech, a UK-based medical device company, are combining this high frequency vibrotactile stimulation with cueing, in order to alleviate motor symptoms of Parkinson’s. The result of this is the CUE1, a novel, non-invasive medical device that is currently at various stages of clinical trials worldwide, with a full-scale randomised control trial in the planning phase. These aim to validate earlier findings and further develop the scientific and clinical knowledge of non-invasive neuromodulation therapies. In addition, a new project funded by Innovate UK will see Charco partner with Queen Mary University of London to learn more about the CUE1 in a clinical setting.

Many thanks to Professor Kilner for this interview. To find out more about the science behind the CUE1, please click here.

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